Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation Cake

Well, this is not the Tru Blood cake that I mentioned in my last post but I was asked to make my niece's high school graduation cake & that came first. I promise that the next post will be the TB cake (if it turns out right).

My niece is a beautiful individual & deserved a unique cake. Her school colors were green & white, well that was just too boring for such an energetic young woman. With the help of her mom I decided to make her cake hot pink & lime green. I made her in gumpaste wearing green & white to honor the school. On the back of the cake as a surprise easter egg I made her tattoo in gumpaste, it is the letter "B" surrounded by a hot pink bow. I also added personal details to her figure such as painted toenails, flip flops, pink earrings, brown eyes, green eye shadow & black hair. She was thrilled which made me very happy!

The cake was yellow amaretto w/ amaretto buttercream filling & icing, covered in fondant. As usual, everything is edible!

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