Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guitar Cake

Wow, how time flies! My first born turned 30 today!!! He requested a guitar cake for his birthday so I did the best I could by him.

I used a guitar we had around the house for the details & used an ukulele (funny lookin' word) for scale. The cake is my experimental version of carrot cake (which I do not like & had to trust E.S.C. for quality control) w/ Edna's crusting cream cheese buttercream, covered & decorated in fondant. It is missing strings because I could not for the life of me figure out how to get straight edible strings on this beast (I will be purchasing a clay extruder in the near future). A lovely lady that I met at work told me to use licorice- talk about AHA moments! Sadly, I was not able to locate any black licorice in time (found scads of red licorice). I will be doing another bigger guitar in August & will have solved my problem by then. I carved this cake in three pieces (body, neck & tuner top) out of a 9x13 sheet and just pieced it together.

Friends & family use the nickname "Amp" for my son so I I made a pick to honor that.

In honor of his 30th Birthday.

The black pieces are fondant. The light brown was fondant marbled to get a wood grain & the dark brown was painted on using brown gel color & vodka. I then painted the lines on the neck & brushed the whole thing w/ vodka to get a nice sheen.

The Cake Truffles were covered in white chocolate; however, they turned out very ugly (but tasty according to Quality Control) so I did not take pictures- maybe next time. Thanks for looking.

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