Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iron Man Mask

It's been slow going for cake making lately, but I finally have a couple of new cakes to post.

One of my sweet grandsons turned the Big 0-4 this month & had an Iron Man themed party so G'ma was asked to make the cake. Yay! The cake is my own version of a WASC Chocolate w/ chocolate buttercream, covered in fondant. My trusty Executive Sous Chef helped me carve the contours of the mask out of a 12" double layer round (I bought a mask as a model & then gifted it to the birthday boy). We did not get it exactly right but I was afraid we wouldn't have enough cake if we kept carving.

I used a color wheel to figure out the right combo of red to get. The mask is white fondant painted w/ gold pearl dust & the eye cut outs are also white fondant painted w/ silver pearl dust. I used the #12 tip to make the screw impressions on the mask. I cut out the mouth & replaced the cut out w/ black fondant.

I also have been having trouble figuring out what to do with all of the left over cake & finally tweaked the cake ball recipe to come up w/ my version of Cake Truffles (no pictures, but they are super delicious) & I have decided to include them as an extra w/ each cake I make. I will try to remember to take pictures the next time.

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