Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Cakes

You've already seen my grandson's birthday cake, as well as a few friend's birthday cakes. Well, here are a just a couple of random cakes for birthdays & just because. The first was for my Mother's birthday. This was my first attempt at painting & making delicate 3D fondant pieces. The second one I made for Mother's Day. The Gator cake was based on a plaque mounted by our front door. I made a copy of it & cut it in pieces & used it for patterns. And the last cake was a class cake. It was a test to assess my skills in buttercream, color flow & royal icing.

Unfortunately, I don't get to design & bake as often as I would like so the posting here may come in bursts. I do have a few more cakes in my album to share so I will be back w/ a few more, but that will probably be it for a little bit.
Of course, the weather has started to cool down at night so you never know what might strike me....

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